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We are a community of entrepreneurs and remote workers who share space, collaborate, support each other and thrive.
If you work from home and find it kind of lonely and distracting or you just need a change in scenery, come spend some time at The Village Hive. Network, fuel your mind, get inspired, and share knowledge with people in your community. We have everything you need for a productive and healthy work day! We are proud to be nominated by BlogTO as one of the Top 20 coworking spaces in the GTA!

Our Founder

Charlotte Kirby

Inspired by a beautiful heritage building in Markham Village, the desire to own her own business and a visit to a coworking space in Toronto, Charlotte opened the first coworking space in Markham, Ontario in 2016. She’d spent some time working from home in prior job positions and as a consultant and found it very hard to focus, was lonely, had too many distractions, and not to mention, no one to laugh at her jokes. So The Village Hive was born – a place for entrepreneurs and remote workers to socialize, build relationships and make genuine connections both personally and in business in our tech lonely world. Like bees need a hive, people need a tribe to thrive.

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