Making a career change can be both exciting and daunting. For many different reasons, more and more people are considering making the move.
You could be going through a different place in your life, you may have lost your job or you are wanting to find a more purposeful thing to do. Or maybe you simply know its that time to make that change.
There is a voice inside your head telling you to finally act on that new business that has been swimming around in your head for the last fifteen years. It really doesn’t matter how you got here, but you are here. How do you reinvent yourself in order to give yourself the best shot of crushing the next chapter of your new life and finding a meaningful career?
While there is no real instruction manual for this like most things in life that are complex, there are some things you can learn from those that have changed their career and rocked it!
  • Commit to it – Don’t look back. You will need to immerse yourself in this new phase with all the commitment you have.
  • Network – It’s is time to kick your networking into overdrive. Utilize social media to network, sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Facebook can be great starting points. Use past, current, and also look to expand to form new connections. Join a coworking space to connect face-to-face with other like-minded people.
  • Have gratitude – This may seem counter intuitive, however this is the healthy attitude to have. Use the knowledge you’ve gained in the past to foster new ideas.
  • Learn, read, listen, watch, take courses… There are so many ways to consume books and courses now. You can use travel time to absorb audio books, you can take online courses, watch YouTube videos, print books, e-books, and the list continues forever. Be an expert in the field you want to indulge in.
  • Get a mentor – A mentor can save you tons of time that might otherwise be wasted by providing shortcuts. He or she has been there and has likely been where you are at some point even if long ago. Listen with an open mind, get away from your comfort zone and learn as much as you can from them.
  • Block out those close to you that do not understand or share your dreams and passion – Its not easy to make a switch let along everyone see the vision that you have for yourself. There will be all types of people. If you know that you are not supported in this area, be very selective who you speak too. Right now you need to be laser focused on this journey and need that support.
  • Keep yourself healthy – Take time to exercise daily, eat well, and sleep well. You are going to need all of your energy to pull this off. If you are not feeling well, your performance will likely show that.
  • Set SMART goals – Make goals that are achievable and attainable. Have a desired outcome In mind and reverse engineer your tasks. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins!

This is an exciting time! You’ve taken that bold step to change your career; to be an entrepreneur. Follow your dreams! Take that leap!

Azmina Ahamed

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself” – George Bernard Shaw. . . . . . . . . .