Freelancing has changed a lot in the past 10 years. With the advent of internet and mobile technologies, finding clients and delivering works have become easier. The biggest advantage of choosing a freelancing career is, working at your own pace from your own workplace. But things have come to a new dimension with the rising number of coworking spaces worldwide. Freelancers these days prefer coworking spaces for their daily works, meetings and even networking. It is mostly the coolest facilities at coworking spaces that attract many freelancers to work from there. If you are a freelancer and you still haven’t tried out a coworking space, here is how coworking spaces can take your freelancing career to the next level.

Why leave your home office?

As a freelancer, you would normally be working out of your home. But if you truly want to scale up your freelancing career, your next best option is a coworking space. Here’s why. Homeworking is not free from distractions like household chores, children, pets and even guests. It becomes tough when you have some urgent deliveries or back to back meetings lined up with some of the high potential clients. Your only option is to run to the nearest coffee shop and make use of the space for a limited time. Apart from all this, home working in spite of being the most comfortable option, sometimes gets the least out of your creativity. You tend to become less productive often with the stagnant surroundings. Again, all this depends on the progression in your freelancing career. If you only have a hand full of clients and they are all not well paying, may be you can wait. Once you are stable, and ready to scale up your freelancing journey, you can start investing in a coworking space.

What comes with a coworking space?

A coworking space is not just another workplace.  It has a number of benefits that makes it different from conventional office spaces.

Flexible Plans:

The best thing about coworking spaces is that you can choose the exact right plan according to your usage and budget. You can opt for a daily pass that you can use whenever needed. With such a plan you can come to the coworking space and work once or twice in a week. Whenever you don’t find your home to be the right place to work, you can make use of this daily pass and come to the coworking space. Or may be whenever you want to have an important client meeting, just book a meeting room and get it done the professional way. But if you’re a little more organized and progressed in your freelancing career, get a hot desk or a dedicated space.  With this plan you can make use of the space 24×7. You are free to come and work at any time of the day or night.

High-end Amenities:

Most coworking spaces these days have a very attractive interior with contemporary furniture, vibrant lighting and high-end office supplies.  And you can choose to work from bean bags, sofas or even a dedicated desk. Unlike your home, you literally don’t have to worry about the power supply, internet, housekeeping and even food & beverages supply. It’s all taken care by the coworking spaces provider. Some coworking spaces offer facilities like a desktop PC or Mac and printing facilities as per your requirement. Also, a dedicated meeting or conference room with a projector and other audio/video facilities is usually included in the set up. Interestingly, many of the coworking spaces these days have a dedicated area for recreation and refreshments as well.

Networking Opportunities

You might have heard this famous saying; your net worth is equal to your network. Coworking spaces offer excellent networking opportunities. If you are a start-up founder or a freelancer, you might find this a blessing. Most coworking spaces these days spend a serious amount of time on community building and other networking events. These spaces will also have a crowd of domain experts ranging from tech, design and even marketing. So, if you are working on your next big project, you might be able to find that much needed help right from your coworker.

Coworking space for freelancers

So, if you are pretty focused on scaling up your freelancing career, getting a coworking space is one of the best things you can do in 2018. Only thing, you will have to figure out where you stand in your freelancing career. If you are just starting out and the clients are less, may be it’s not the right thing to do at the moment. But if you have been in the field for a while and have a number of well-paying clients, you can certainly consider moving in. It will help you expand further and win more clients in the future.

Author: Surej Shams, Novel Office, Bangalore, India