This is a guest post from Village Hive Members, Lynn & Tara from Knit School

4 Tips and Tricks to make your Instagram Posts Pop

Crafting a successful post on Instagram is part exacting science and part black magic. Capturing a good, well-lit snapshot is great but without a little effort and strategy, you definitely run the risk of having your photos fizzle.

We started our Instagram account for Knit School a little over a year ago when we launched our business. We chose Instagram because knitting is a visual medium (we love snapping pics of our yarn!) and because many knitters flock to this social channel for inspiration and community.

Growth has been slow and steady and we’re learning as we go. We’re still figuring out and testing and trying new things constantly. Along the way we’ve made use of some tools that we’re happy to share with you.

  1. Get a business account. It’s free, require’s just a moment’s effort and offers many rewards including a robust analytics suite. You’ll see a demographic breakdown of your followers (gender, age, location) as well as information about impressions, reach, engagement, comments and likes broken down by day, week, month and year. This is extremely valuable information and allows you to see what resonates with your tribe and what doesn’t. For example, our most viewed post was a progress shot of a cardigan we were making — helpful information in understanding that our customers are interested in process product shots.
  2. Add a little polish to your videos. Our feeds are filled with how-to videos, from cake decorating to brush lettering to diy experiments. They’re captivating and quick digestible bonbons – and perfect for sharing with friends. We post short movies for #techniquetuesday in which we highlight a knitting tip or trick and we use a free iOS app called Clips. The interface in this app is intuitive and simple and allows us to add text, effects and graphics to our how-to videos.
  3. Boomerang it. If you don’t have the time to make a longer video but still want to bring a bit of life to your posts, consider using Boomerang to create a short looped clip. We used this app to create a little demo of our knitting tools – short and sweet with a bit of whimsy. Hyperlapse also allows you to play with time, speeding a video up and then slowing it down for a slick effect.
  4. #nofilter. We don’t use a filter on our photos because we want to keep our photos of our yarn as true to life as possible. If we need to brighten a background, we’ll sometimes use the phone’s editing suite to adjust the exposure or lighting. As a general rule, we don’t apply filters because we want our photos to be timeless and consistent, not trendy. But if you find your photos could use a boost, try Google’s Snapseed which allows you to do some sophisticated editing, such as adjusting the exposure in selected areas of your photo.

We hope these tips and tricks add a little sparkle to your feed! Growing our community on Instagram has been a true joy and delight. We love that it forces us to examine what we’re doing daily via little love postcards to our customers. #keepposting #keepknitting

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