This is a guest post from Village Hive Member Liz Scott of Affinity Coach Consulting


Let’s face it, being an Entrepreneur can be tough enough as it is, but have you ever noticed that there is always someone around to tell you why you shouldn’t run your own business in the first place? We all want to be successful… at our careers, in our families, in our relationships… and often, we try everything to achieve that success.

Sometimes it is those who are closest to us who are actively trying to squash our dream. It could be a spouse, a parent, your children, your best friend or all of the above. Really, it sometimes seems the nay-saying never stops. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself WHY these folks are trying to bring you down? Why they are not supporting your brilliant business idea or vision? Well let me tell you the story of the “crabs in a bucket.”

Here’s how the story goes. Once there was a young man on a beach, watching people catch crabs. A young man put a crab in a bucket, with a tiny bit of water on the bottom. The crab promptly scurried out of the bucket and jumped back into the ocean.

He caught another crab and put that crab in a bucket… and the same thing happened. It escaped and happily returned to the ocean. A wise old fisherman came up to the boy and put his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

A wide smile crossed his weathered, bearded face and he said, “Son, you have to put two crabs in a bucket… that way… when one tries to get out… the other will pull him back in. Then, you won’t have to worry. They’ll keep each other in that bucket. They’ll be trapped, without you having to do anything else.”

The boy thought that was crazy. Then he did it. He caught one crab and then another and then another. He put the first crab in a bucket, and then quickly put in the second and third and fourth crab. He was amazed: when the first crab tried to get out, all the other crabs pulled him back in. And when the second crab tried to get out… the first one pulled him back in.

Why is it that so many people want to pull us down when we start our businesses? Perhaps it is because we are living our vision and by doing so we make others look afraid. Is it because we are trying to make a difference in the world and not just go along with the status quo? Perhaps they don’t want us to be happy or successful or get further ahead than they are. Or maybe they are genuinely concerned that we will be an epic failure. But honestly, isn’t it better to try and fail than to not try at all?  Maybe I say this because I, like you, am an entrepreneur. No one knows for sure why people respond this way when we talk about our dream business, but trust me, the crab in the bucket evidence is alive and well in the entrepreneurial world.

So stay focused on your vision and stay OUT of the bucket. Surround yourself with people who believe and support you and your business ideas, and let them lift you up to the level of success you know that you can achieve!