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“Find your tribe.”

I’m sure you’ve heard this bantered around a lot lately. I use this phrase all the time. But what does it really mean and what can it do for you?

As human beings, we have a need for tribe. Our three pillars of existence—love, safety and belonging—are what make us who we are. If one or more of these are missing, life just doesn’t feel quite right. Among other things such as family and friends, belonging is also about finding your tribe.

“Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. Such a simple word for a huge concept. A sense of belonging is a human need, just like the need for food and shelter.” – ye olde great wide web


A tribe can be described as a group of people who are your kind of people. Who get you, who have a common interest or goal, who work towards doing what they love and therefore what you love.

I’ve been blessed to see my tribe coming together. It will continue to grow but it feels so dang good to know there are others out there that are like-minded and working toward common goals. My own personal interests have led to some incredible collaborations that have positively impacted my business and vice versa. I am experiencing growth, expansion, and increased happiness in all areas of my life.  My tribe has much to do with that.


5 Reasons Why Tribe is Important

  1. Your tribe is people like you—and the “you” you want to become. It means people who share similar values, desires, and (if like me) have that crazy drive to do more in this precious life we have.
  2. Your tribe energizes you. When you are with someone from your tribe you leave feeling jazzed and excited. You feel understood and most likely have collaborated on something amazing with shared energy.
  3. Your tribe understands what you want: because they have similar values and interests, they are seeking the same thing. Whether it’s to see your business succeed, honour the desire for a healthy work/life flow, or even understand your need for personal growth.
  4. Your tribe can help you more, especially in your business. They get what you really need because they have already been there or are on the same path as you.
  5. Your tribe is good for your health. Let’s face it, as an entrepreneur you’ve made the courageous decision to do what you love. I call this passion work. Doing what you love each day even though there are a billion and one challenges to be had at any moment. Surrounding yourself with supportive people who are doing the same thing lessens the “overwhelm” and shores you up in your endeavours.


Finding Your Tribe

Keep in mind that finding your tribe doesn’t happen overnight. It also isn’t about overwhelming your time with a multitude of interest-based classes, MeetUps or networking events. You have to be intentional and focused. Take time to map out what you want, what your interests are and what values you hold. If business-focused, do something simple like block-scheduling time for weekly networking experiences and go with three questions you’d like to ask.


Life is too short not to be surrounded by your tribe. We all want our work to be purposeful and have an impact.  When it is couched within a group of like-minded people, it makes it all the more powerful.


About Casandra Bryant

Casandra Bryant is a Transformation Coach working with women who want to step into their passion work.  She has worked with a number of small business entrepreneurs who are empowered to build a heart-centred and successful business.