Coworking is all about collaboration and networking for small business owners and entrepreneurs: building on each other’s strengths to work better, learn better, and live better. At The Village Hive, a new wellness-oriented coworking space in Markham, we believe fundamentally in sharing expertise. With that in mind, we will be inviting all of our amazing members to guest blog for us, with topics that showcase their own passion and diverse knowledge while helping others to work, learn and live better.


Look for a new blog post on the first Monday of each month. To start off, let’s talk about benefits and tips for guest blogging.

Benefits of guest blogging

Guest blogging simply refers to writing unique content to post on another individual or organization’s blog. This practice can be an effective, free way for the hosting blog to share expertise beyond their own, for the guest blogger to establish their expertise, and for both increase their readership and web presence, as long as it’s used in an honest, meaningful way.

Best practices for guest blogging

  1. Write with the blog’s audience in mind. In the case of The Village Hive, this would be small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other work-from-home individuals; wellness practitioners and those looking to achieve wellness through work; those considering coworking space in Markham specifically, and operators of other coworking facilities.
  2. Focus on content, never self-promotion. The goal of the post should always be to meet a need for your reader: give them something of real value and they will come back for more.
  3. Include a brief bio that highlights the work you do. End with a call to action that links to your own website. Consider your goals when choosing a landing site for your link back. This may not be your home page, but a more specific page targeted to this niche audience or a newsletter sign up page.
  4. Be authentic. Write in the first person using your own voice. Don’t be afraid to include short, meaningful anecdotes that let the audience know and connect with you as a person as well as a professional.
  5. Include (properly licensed) images that reflect the tone and content of your article. People like pictures.
  6. Edit. Then edit again. If you’re new to blog writer or not confident in your writing skills in general, ask a trusted friend or even a professional editor to read your draft. Everything you submit represents you and should reflect your best work. Readability is more important than a specific length.
  7. Promote the post on your own blog and social media once it’s published. Spreading the word will help promote your own article as well as the host blog.

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