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It was less than 4 months ago that I left my previous job to pursue a dream and explore the world of entrepreneurship.  I was at my last workplace for 1 1/2 years and I had not hung a single picture on the white walls of my office. There was no time to or maybe it just didn’t feel right. I had some lovely colleagues but we barely had time to say hello – some days there were no hellos. Just blurry images speeding by my door running hungry to the next meeting with iphone in hand letting someone know they were going to be late. Again. No time for lunch. No time to chat. No time. I was not happy and was working too many hours. I was tired and grumpy when I got home.

Something needed to change.

Present time. I am sitting here in this beautiful heritage school house, in a space that I envisioned and created surrounded by wonderful positive energy, big bright windows, beautiful art by local artists on the walls and amazing people who not only say hello and how are you, but really mean it. We are all busy, super busy, but we have time. We are entrepreneurs, small business owners, writers, dreamers, photographers and innovators. We are a community of coworkers. We are a community of people who love what we do and enjoy sharing knowledge and helping each other grow both professionally and personally. We are happy people because we are doing what we were meant to do. We have time for lunch. We enjoy our lunch.

One of my favourite days so far at my new venture started with a workshop on self-care being led by one of our fantastic life coaches then an amazing meeting of collaboration and opportunities with the Markham library, Coworking members came in to network, chat, drink coffee and of course get some work done. There was an explosion of ideas and synergies at our weekly networking lunch and to top the day off  I ended up with two great opportunities to share my journey with others. One at an upcoming entrepreneur in residence (EIR) speaking event and another as a guest on a local TV show the following week. So much excitement for one day. I’m bursting with joy.

When I go home at the end of the day, I’m happy.

I am riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster. It is at the top of the hill. I know it will go down and things will get scary but then that coaster will pick up speed again to make it to the top of the next hill. It is the ride of a life time and I’m glad I have my family, old friends and new friends riding a long with me.


Charlotte Kirby, Owner & Operator of The Village Hive

Happy Work Happy Life
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