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Zoe Clements

Mrs Qwertynomics
Work 17 Brecken Drive Canada Keswick L4P 4A5 Work Phone: (289)716-1491


Zoe Clements is an International Educator, Speaker and Touch Typing/Keyboarding Specialist who is perhaps best known for bringing Touch Typing into the Elementary school curriculum in England.

Zoe has developed an innovative method of teaching Touch Typing/Keyboarding skills which produces outstanding and measurable results for children and adults. By combining brain training, gaming technology and multi-sensory teaching techniques, Zoe has been able to successfully teach over 4000 students to type without ever looking at their hands with outstanding results. Clients include children from age 7 to adults 80+. This includes a wide variety of professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, Telephone help desks, Secretaries, Executives, Entrepreneurs and Emergency Service Call centres.

As an outspoken and passionate advocate of innovative education, specializing in training other teachers to teach her proprietary program, Zoe has received Local, National and International media coverage for her knowledge, views and ideas. Zoe believes that all children from Grade 3, should be given the opportunity to learn how to type correctly before poor habits are developed.

Qwertynomics has been developing rapidly here in Canada since 2011.

Learning does not just stop with Typing and Computer skills for her clients. Through the development of Zoe’s companies, she supports other small business with their online presence through social media and other online academies. With expertise in Videography, short promotional video advertisements, graphic design and building online stores she also runs workshops and offers one to one services for the community.

Coming soon – Online learning Academy for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses and the Maker Communities. http://www.academy4learning.com

To view any of our events visit: http://www.qwertynomics.ca