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Sharon Permack

Energy Therapy Practitioner Inner Balance for Health
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I am passionate about promoting health and wellness using Energy Therapies.

I am a breast cancer survivor and I have created the Breast Cancer Support System for women in all stages of breast cancer from diagnosis, treatment and life after treatment.  It is a program to help women feel supported and help them deal with the common challenges faced during this challenging time.  Energy Therapies, as well as, other holistic approaches and techniques are used to help release the stress, rebalance the body and restore their strength.

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Certified Acupressure Pro as well as trained in several other energy medicine modalities.  I use these gentle treatments to help my clients find balance in their body, mind and spirit which in turn leads to healthier, happier and more expansive lives.

I also work with a broad range of clients.  I am very experienced in providing support for health issues and life challenges.  I work with clients with a variety of body, mind and spiritual concerns. I faced my own serious health issues and know first hand the challenges and gifts of healing.  I am dedicated to my own  healing and bringing my experience and  knowledge to help others.