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Elle Bradley

Integrative Counseling Services | Registered Psychotherapist
Work The Active Health Centre 254 Main St. North Markham Ontario L3P 1Y7 Work Phone: (416) 455-5166 Website: Integrative Counseling Services


Elle is a Registered Psychotherapist who has been practicing therapy for 23 years. Her passion lies in helping others align with their true self through present moment awareness. Ellen works with people to reduce suffering as a result of negative and compulsive thought processes that perpetuate unwanted cycles of mood states such as anxiety and depression. In her practice she focuses on teaching mindful practices in order to help people create their reality with deliberate intention. Elle is also a spiritual teacher who develops and presents workshops in the community. In addition, she is part-time professor at Durham College teaching in the Addiction and Mental Health Graduate Program. Through personal experience, Elle has come to realize the importance of how thoughts create experience and has transformed her own life through mindful and intentional practices.