Becoming Successful

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This is a guest post from Village Hive Member Marylou Heenan

“Success: It’s not how much money you’ve made: it’s who you are becoming.”

I recently attended a seminar where a very wise facilitator made the foregoing statement. She was referring to sales people who judge themselves by their visible success, such as sales and/or commissions, money in the bank, or points earned toward a reward trip offered by the company. As she wisely pointed out, exterior validations are not the only valid metric of success.

When we only look at the end of the journey (achievement of the goal) as we are working towards meeting the goal, it is easy to feel that we’ve fallen short. We should also look at the person we are becoming as we move towards achievement of our goals.

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Defining Success: Self-awareness and persistence

Self-awareness and persistence are two critical success strategies (and they are at the top of my personal list). Self-awareness is hugely important when you run the show and don’t have a boss or HR department telling you how you are doing. You have to be honest with yourself – and avoid the temptation to believe your own press releases.

Some honest questions you may want to ask yourself – are you …

  • doing everything you put on your To Do List?
  • looking ahead with a critical eye and asking yourself how you/your company is positioned for changes in the market place?
  • the best person to run the business or could you use a professional manager?
  • treating your employees fairly?

Persistence is just as important because it takes time to build a business.  There are bad days, months, quarters and even years. It takes persistence to move the business along and grow it so that you survive the bumps along the way and thrive when times are good. The small business cemetery is full of great ideas whose creators lacked the determination to see them through to the end.

Embracing Risk

And, last but far from least, are you becoming comfortable with risk? As entrepreneurs, we have to take risks to succeed and it is so much easier when we can clearly distinguish between fear and risk. A fear immobilizes us and prevents us from taking action. Risks, on the other hand, are scary, but we learn to take them anyway because the rewards are greater than the risks.

Take, for example, the need to make cold calls to generate sales. When we fear making them, the phone is so heavy that we cannot pick it up. Our fear tells us that the person on the other hand may reject us and our psyche is afraid of that. When we know that some people will say no, but we make the calls anyway, we overcome the fear. We know that rejection by some prospects does not kill us or make us a failure. I honestly believe that we are well on our way to success when we can say to ourselves “I am about to take a risks and I’m uncomfortable, but I am not afraid. Not taking this chance will put me further from reaching my goal than taking it will.”

What other positive personal changes are you making along your road to entrepreneurial success? How have they made you stronger than you were before?


As a Financial Advisor and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS™) Marylou provides clients in the GTA with a written plan and strategies to manage their cash flow to create wealth at all stages of their lives.


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Becoming Successful

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